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It started life as a little Atari ST C++ command line fortune cookie application in 1993 for floppy disk boot up - a poor mans version of the Unix fortune. It was then used for playing around with C#/.NET web services in 2001 and sat for years until it eventually died as the web site faded away. Now it re-merges as an .NET Core REST solution, hosted on Azure, again existing only to play around with some newer tech. This service is also now hooked up to a little Twitter bot (@FortuneDogsay) with an Azure LogicApp creating a new image daily (using SkiaSharp).

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Fortune Cookie REST service
Count Fortunes

Dogsay Svc
Cowsay Svc
Tuxsay Svc
Koshsay Svc
Elephantsay Svc
Sheepsay Svc
Atarisay Svc
Floppysay Svc
Darthsay Svc