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It started life as a little Atari ST C++ command line fortune cookie application in 1993 for floppy disk boot up - a poor mans version of the Unix fortune. It was then used for playing around with C#/.NET web services in 2001 and sat for years until it eventually died as the web site faded away. Now it re-merges as an .NET Core REST solution, hosted on Azure, again existing only to play around with some newer tech. This service is also now hooked up to a little Twitter bot (@FortuneDogsay) with an Azure LogicApp creating a new image daily (using SkiaSharp).

... The subtlety of these methods implies an important source of unreliability; unreliable error recovery. Thus it is important that system testing pay meticulous attention to fault simulation to uncover weaknesses in the recovery. Data taken on electronic switching systems show that failure to recover from simplex faults is usually a significant source of total outage time.... -- Edwin A. Irland, "Assuring Quality and Reliability of Complex Electronic Systems% Hardware and Software," Proceedings of the IEEE, January 1988

Fortune Cookie REST service
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Dogsay Svc
Cowsay Svc
Tuxsay Svc
Koshsay Svc
Elephantsay Svc
Sheepsay Svc
Atarisay Svc
Floppysay Svc
Darthsay Svc

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